Get Your Own Damn Beer Book - by Holly Robinson Peete

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Give the woman in your life the book that explains it all!! The "Get Your Own Damn Beer, I'm Watching the Game!" book by Holly Robinson Peete is a Woman's guide to loving Pro Football. Peete shares her infectious enthusiasm for Pro Football and takes the complexity out of the game by breaking it down to its component parts. She explains the role of each position player, provides a rundown of all on-field penalties and referees' hand signals, and offers an illustrated guide to some of the most common plays in the NFL. She gives her take on the most memorable plays in NFL history and dishes some inside dirt - in a breezy, girl-talkin' narrative that promises to turn the novice spectator into a well-informed football fanatic. Holly Robinson Peete is one of the best loved actresses on television and is a lifelong, diehard football fan. She also appears frequently on Fox Sports' Best Damn Sports Show and is the wife of former NFL quarterback, Rodney Peete. This is a paperback book containing 228 pages. The book measures approximately 7" x 9" x .5". Pick up your copy today! Please note: All sale purchases are final.

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